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Every room, including your ritual space, deserves to be magickally adorned. This high-quality, mystical illustration print comes in various sizes and serves as a statement piece, creating a personalized environment that speaks to the soul.

This illustration is part of an oracle deck that I am currently creating.

Earthing, associated with the goddess Gaia, links us to the healing properties deep within the earth, helping us to gather grounding and stabilizing energies. I created this illustration not only as an homage to this goddess but as a reminder of how important it is to connect with nature and to take time out of our busy schedules to reset ourselves through the process of grounding. My illustrations can be hung anywhere, but as I often incorporate symbolic aspects of gods and goddesses, they are also sacred wall art that could add beautiful embellishment to an altar space.

Grounding means many things to many people, but for me it is a way to get reconnected with our own bodies, to be present in the moment now, to have clarity of mind, and to not be distracted by the past and future. As someone who regularly communicates and works with spirits, the act of grounding is crucial.

If you have recently started down the witch's path—still developing your practice and perhaps also connecting or interested in connecting with spirits—my immediate advice is to set up your grounding techniques sooner than later and keep doing them until they become second nature.

Not grounding during spellcrafting, rituals, energy healing, shamanic journeying, etc. can easily deplete our energies. In fact, I would argue that those of us walking between worlds need a lot more grounding than most since we are drawing all kinds of energies into our auric field.

When you ground you are essentially discharging unwanted energies back into the earth.

✷✷✷ Watermark is NOT present in the prints
✷ Illustration and writing © 2021 Jacqueline Stuart for Dreams + Shadowlands

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✷ 175 gsm fine art paper
✷ Museum-grade, archival paper
✷ Acid-free, archival inks
✷ Multiple sizes available
✷ Arrives in a durable tube

When you receive your item, it is always a good idea to set intentions in how the item can best support you, be it for the day, week, month, or year. Regarding a ritual space, adorning one's altar with magickally-inspired objects and images can heighten one's experience with the divine, enhancing our spiritual practice and inner knowing. Remember, everything is energy and our thoughts are powerful tools of personal transformation and manifestation. For more on this, check out my blog post at:

Being an intuitive artist means that I am constantly guided by the unseen and spiritual forces that surround me. I primarily access my spirit guide’s energy and guidance during heightened moments of creativity and spirituality. Over the last decade since officially meeting my spirit guide, I have learned how to channel his messages predominantly through telepathic communication, visions, nocturnal dreams, spiritual practice, and astral visitations. These numinous encounters have inspired my creative work found here.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact me so I can help resolve any concerns. All sales are final.

✹✹✹ Although I stand behind my products, I cannot guarantee the effectiveness of sacred items since everyone's spiritual practice differs. However, magickal items possess as much potency as you perceive them to have; attitude and belief coupled with setting intentions are truly essential.

✹✹✹ DISCLAIMER: As per legal purposes Dreams and Shadowlands is required to state that all of our items are curios offered solely for entertainment purposes. I cannot guarantee that any of my products will provide a specific result. You add the intent and magick. Always remember that the universe bestows its sacred support in mysterious and subtle ways.

Earthing | Goddess Gaia | Fine Art Archival Print | Mystical + Visionary Art


    All shipments are carefully packaged by our print provider. In the event that your item arrives damaged PLEASE CONTACT ME immediately and send me a photo of the damaged item including the box and any packaging within THREE DAYS of receiving the shipment. I will send a replacement as soon as possible. All orders are shipped with tracking information.

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