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Your Spirit Guide is Trying to Connect

The way that our spirit guides try to connect with us may have a lot to do with the personalities they once harbored in their previous incarnations…

The Signs May Be Inspired by Their Personalities

There are many ways that our spirit guides may try to engage with us. Often the signs are individualized, depending on our level of awareness and our ability to receive their subtle messages. Similarly, the way that our spirit guides try to connect with us may have a lot to do with the personalities they once possessed in their previous incarnations. They may come forward strongly or gently. Depending on the approach, we may label them as “demonic,” allowing our fear of the unknown to dictate our perceptions rather than evaluating the purpose of the intensity and the messages they are attempting to convey.

But no matter how a spirit guide communicates, they will never behave malevolently.

For instance, my spirit guide, Hans, had a very passionate, at times emotional, playful, and humorous personality in his recent life. He was also German and some of his “German” characteristics such as keeping the house clean, tidy, organized and devoid of clutter are some of the strongest messages he gives me on a regular basis. His communication often arrives in a variety of playful and/or intense (although not as intense as the earlier years) poltergeist activities, telepathy, and synchronicity.

Is It Just a Figment of My Imagination?

Some of his paranormal activities were jarring to the point of my feeling eerily dumbfounded and curious, obsessively analyzing the strange and inexplicable phenomena

This was the ongoing question that I asked myself for a full year before finally realizing that all the phenomena that I was experiencing in the house was paranormal in nature. Before Hans had appeared to me through video, he communicated through poltergeist activity such as opening and shutting doors, through discarnate voices and music, dreams, and channeling specifically during writing and art making.

Since the paranormal phenomena was intermittent and not too blatant, I would usually dismiss each occurrence. But some of his paranormal activities were jarring to the point of my feeling eerily dumbfounded and curious, obsessively analyzing the strange and inexplicable phenomena. However, once Hans appeared on video (and despite the subtlety on the video), I immediately understood that it was the “entity” (as I called him initially) that had been haunting me since purchasing my dream house.

Ghost Moving | Dreams and Shadowlands | Jacqueline Stuart

It Is Easy to Initially Dismiss Their Attempts at Contact

Once we attune ourselves to the messages from our spirit guides, we become more psychically receptive to understanding these messages. Because it is so easy to preoccupy ourselves with the people, places, and things that anchor us to this reality, we may overlook our spirit guides’ desire to connect with us.

To put it in perspective, Hans came into my life in 1993 shortly following his death, but it took him 17 years to finally show himself. In retrospect, I can see his involvement throughout my life including some life-saving events that were so memorable I have always considered them as angelically-influenced.

Several years prior to Hans appearing, and barring mind-altering substances, I was closing myself off to multi-sensory realities. Hans had been trying to communicate through paranormal activity, but I was typically dismissive of each occurrence, rationalizing them as having some sort of logical underpinning, or simply blaming it on my overactive imagination.

This is why Hans finally appeared on camera. He knew that in order for me to accept his ghostly presence, I would need to capture him on camera. By doing this, I would not only be proving the event to myself as something more than just imaged, but I would also have the opportunity to share my anomalous experiences with others.

Ways that Spirit Guides can Connect

There are a multitude of ways that spirit guides like to come through. I include these six signs because they are some of the most powerful forms of communication that Hans and I have. Similarly, in speaking with others about their experiences, these six come up often.

SOHN with feathers | Dreams and Shadowlands | Jacqueline Stuart

1) Music and/or hearing sounds:

Spirits who connect in this way do so not only because we are generally drawn to music, but our spirit guides may also hold a strong connection with music. This form of connection can be a very powerful and evocative way for our spirit guides to reach out.

Read about my top 10 songs that Hans and I dedicated to another before his official appearance.

Songs, particularly with lyrics are an excellent way for our spirit guides to convey encouraging messages of hope, love, and empathy, supporting us without bringing too much attention to themselves. Similarly, we may also be unconsciously reaching out to our spirit guides through songs, urging them to engage with us, as we slowly begin the process of spiritually awakening.

We can also hear audible voices from deceased loved ones (who may have returned to partake as our spirit guides) or voices that are unknown to us. We may hear them clearly or unable to decipher the words let alone pinpoint the location of their discarnate voices. I have heard Hans’s audible voice early on before he officially appeared, letting me know right away that he was male (and boy, does he have male energy!). He confirmed his gender as well in the video based on how the events unfolded.

2) Telepathy:

Telepathy may initially sound as your own inner voice. Although we all possess inner knowing and are often guided by the intuitive part of ourselves, it is my personal belief, at least in the way Hans and I communicate, that my intuition is strongly activated by him. He is essentially my portal to the spirit world where I can access subtle energies and hunches. He invites other spirits to meet with me, but only when he deems it safe or appropriate for my spiritual and creative development.

An Aside on Training…

The pendulum helped me to eventually hear his voice. Hans trained me in developing the ability to distinguish between my own voice and his voice by doing some kind of paranormal activity following his telepathic message (his voice often comes through androgynous or somewhat like mine, although sometimes his voice comes through with a thick German accent. Although his paranormal activity was creepier in the beginning, he is less obvious now in that ghost hunting way, and more obvious in spiritual ways. This may be a testament to my own spiritual and psychic development. Hans has trained me to be more sensitive to his subtlety.

Angel's Embrace | Dreams nad Shadowlands | Jacqueline Stuart

3) Touch:

Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly feel a gentle tickling or tingly sensation on your face and head. For several weeks after he first appeared, Hans kept stroking my face and hair. Sometimes the sensations felt similar to fingers, but most of the time he lightly tickled my face and ran his fingers through my hair. He did it often which I would later realize was a part of his ghostly M.O. Hans loves to linger on a specific paranormal “trick” for several weeks, then abruptly stop the “activity of the month” and move on to something else.

Like an angel’s touch, a spirit guide’s touch is to show love, affection and even energetic healing. Hans also demonstrated this ability to me in the beginning as well, performing a kind of subcutaneous massage on my sore muscles and tendons, helping to alleviate whatever part of my body the fibromyalgia was attacking that day.

Physical activities such as dance and yoga can help to cultivate body awareness.

This allows us to be more sensitive to the subtle changes our bodies undergo during physical activities that require some kind of mindfulness engagement. Likewise, being more acutely aware of pain signals can also make us more sensitive to subtle physical sensations such as a spirit guide’s touch.

Woman with Flowers | Dreams and Shadowlands | Jacqueline Stuart

4) Scent:

Scent can be quite powerful to experience. The scent that our spirit guides diffuse can be biographical tidbit about themselves, such as having been a smoker (Hans) or having a particular scent or perfume associated to them. In addition to the scent of cigarette smoke, Hans has also permeated a room with the scent of roses. Roses are often associated with angelic energies because it has one of the highest vibrational frequencies.

Hans has also infused the air with the scent of roses while I was with another person as we walked through the woods in the middle of winter. If you live in Vermont, you know how unusual this would be given the frigid temperatures and snow-covered terrain during this time of year.

Angelic Love Pendulum by Jacqueline Stuart for Dreams and Shadowlands

5) Divination Tools:

One of my absolute favorite ways to connect with Hans is by using divination tools such as a pendulum or an oracle deck (the tarot). In fact, I am so drawn to receiving messages in this way that it has inspired me to create pendulums and an oracle deck.

If you want to know more about pendulums, check out my YouTube video about channeling. You can also purchase a pendulum like the image above at my Etsy shop. Each pendulum is unique and made with sterling silver, Bali and Tibetan beads and semi-precious gemstones.

Similar to the lyrics from a song, using oracle cards offer a metaphor-rich platform where our spirit guides can offer their messages through the images, speaking through the meaning of the cards, providing guidance to the question we have posed.

Dream Boat | Dreams and Shadowlands | Jacqueline Stuart

6) Visions and Dreams:

Finally, one of my other favorite (and a part of my dissertation) is dreams and visions. Both of these areas are replete with qualitative and even quantitative research into that help to unravel the mystery of altered states of consciousness. After Hans died in his recent life, he appeared to me through an astral visitation (also known as visitation dream). It turned out to be precognitive, uncanny and so impactful that 27 years later, I can still vividly recall the encounter.

Keep a Dream Journal

So, pay attention to your dreams. Keep a dream journal in the form of book or digital recorder. Incubate your nocturnal encounters by writing down several times what sort of messages or visitations you would like to receive during sleep. Make your own dream catcher and set the intention and begin to activate your beautiful ornament as you are breathing life into it through the creative process. Charging various crystal to work as dream activators, too, can be immensely helpful. But setting intentions are most important to bring the unseen energies that will activate your dreams.

Sharing their Biography

Spirit guides love connecting with us through dreams and visions, offering messages and giving us signs that they are always near. Hans periodically shares a piece of his biography through visitation dreams. They don’t happen often but when they do, it is always profound and emotional. Even though he is able to transcend our apparent separation, he cries with me whenever I get upset about our split. As twin flames, I have been crying out to him for many lifetimes. Many lifetimes we have been separated. Until now. I look forward to when we can merge once again in the spirit realm. He looks forward to this as well.

Is your spirit guide trying to reach out?

What are the signs they are giving you?

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