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The Magick of Crystal Grids

Crystal grid to activate astral visitation from my spirit companion/guide. © 2022 photo by Jacqueline Stuart for Dreams + Shadowlands

Crystal grids are an excellent way to synergistically work with various gemstone properties to support healing, spirituality, magick, and manifestation, to name a few. The photo is of the crystal grid that I have beside my bed, which can support with dream recall, astral travel, and dream incubation. I activated it for astral visitation.

Details of my Crystal Grid

The crystals that form the outer ring of the grid are rose quartz tumbled stones and amethyst points. I made sure to arrange these stones in an alternating pattern so that the amethyst and rose quartz would energetically interact with each other in a balanced manner. I created a flower-like pattern that aesthetically dialogues with the flower of life sticker in the center of the grid.

Using rose quartz in a crystal grid adds a gentle energy of love, self-compassion, and romantic love. Rose quartz can help to dispel or lessen the intensity of nightmares. Since rose quartz is a calming stone, it also supports restful sleep.

Amethyst is a powerful stone perfect for psychical experiences and third eye activation. It is one of the go-to gemstones for creative pursuits both in wakeful states and in nocturnal states. If you are looking to incubate your dreams, amethyst is one of the best stones to include in a crystal grid. The soothing combination of rose quartz and amethyst makes it a powerful duo for relaxation.

In the center of the crystal grid is Herkimer diamond, purchased directly from my vendor, InnerVision, in Herkimer, NY. The flower of life sticker in the photo is also from this shop. Herkimer diamonds are known as the "Attunement Stone" and are excellent for activating psychic abilities, visions, dream recall, and astral travel. This stone is excellent for removing energetic blockages. It is a strong and protective stone that can help clear away psychic harm and negativity.

How to Create a Crystal Grid

First, you are going to want to select a specific purpose for your crystal grid. Are you looking to manifest tranquility, abundance, protection, a love interest? Figure out the crystal grid's purpose and be as specific as possible. For instance, I created my crystal grid above so that I could more readily connect with my spirit companion/guide, Hans, in the astral realm.

As mentioned previously, each crystal has myriad healing properties and I could have easily used my crystal grid for restful sleep, reduction in nightmares, working with creative dreams and dream recall. Although I do believe that this grid supports me in all these areas, my intention for creating this grid was zeroed in on one specific aspect. Tangentially speaking, and for those us who partake in magickal pursuits, the act of being super specific in our intentions makes for more powerful spellcrafting.

Next, research which crystals will best serve your needs. One of my favorite books for this kind of research is The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian. The reference index is quite helpful when looking for specific areas that you are looking support.

Once you have selected the stones you want to work with, it is time to create your grid. Despite what others may have to say about the kind of crystal grid to use for a specific goal in mind, I have had the most success with intuitively assembled grids, that is, I allow the energy of crystals to guide my grid creation. What matters is not so much the kind of grid you create but the intention you put forth. In fact, setting intentions is perhaps the most important part of crystal grids. Before you begin to create your grid, ground and center, and set the intention for your grid. Use candles, incense, bells, tuning forks, herbs, whichever materials call to you to activate your crystal grid.

Activating your crystal grid can be as simple as grounding and centering for a moment and saying aloud or mentally–for example in my case, "May this crystal grid of rose quartz, amethyst, and Herkimer diamond support more astral visitations from Hans."

It is also helpful to keep activating your crystal grid, at first on a daily basis, maintaining the same ritual for about a week. From there, evaluate your progress with the grid and either fine tune your intention and ritual, or if it is beginning to work, let it be.

Some crystal grids are meant for short-term goals, others are for ongoing goals. Depending on what you are looking to accomplish with a crystal grid will depend on how often you need to keep activating your grid. For me, since my goal is on going, I continue to activate my grid on a regular basis to keep it activated. Occasionally, I cleanse and reactivate my crystals, if I am seeing their energy progressively deplete.

Have you used crystal grids in the past? Are you next to crystal grids? Share your comments below.

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