Reflections & Ruminations

The Adventures of Jameem Fa & Glenjamin Bunny

Two images of the same story | © 2003 Jacqueline Stuart from The Adventures of Jameem Fa and Glenjamin Bunny | Pen on paper + digital illustration

I have been thinking about a previous project that I developed at UPenn, then dropped because the timing and choice of medium were off. Originally my intentions were to make an animation about The Adventures of Jameem Fa & Glenjamin Bunny, but I have realized over the years (although I still deny it from time to time) that I generally lack patience for creating animations.

So yesterday, while on a long bike ride on the Burlington bike path, and while listening to the latest Portishead cd, Third, this shelved project that I thought I would never revisit again, suddenly popped into my head. The Adventures of Jameem Fa & Glenjamin Bunny, was the right thing to daydream about while on my bike ride yesterday. The story line is inspired from fairy tale or fairy tale-like stories and graphic novels (Wizard of Oz, Snow White, Calvin and Hobbes, Peter Pan, etc).

Dreams and Shadowlands

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