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Stop the madness! Winter Solstice is here

The Romans celebrated Saturnalia from Dec 17 – 23, hailing the agricultural god, Saturn, who was often depicted holding a scythe.

Today, many of us who may not have the luxury of taking off a full week from our planner-filled schedules and endless To Do lists to partake on such a lengthy celebration, can celebrate one night during Winter Solstice.

For me, like most, my day to day is filled with a full-time day job and a night time job (completing my novel). This balancing of hectic schedules tends to be the reality that many artists face, unless we are fortunate enough to make ends meet with our creative calling.

But for tonight, I will cast aside my warrior-like determination to quietly celebrate Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, or as I like to call it, the longest night of the year. For me, Winter Solstice is a day (and night) of slowing down and appreciating the darkness. Darkness is a time for hibernation, a time to recharge our energetic (and physical) bodies by praising slowness. Tonight I will celebrate this sacred evening by candlelight, with an essential oils infused bath and soft music to sooth the spirit. It’s a night for giving thanks and to honor our spirit helpers who inspire and protect us and to honor our spiritual paths and creative energy.

Below is one of my favorite albums by Rudy Adrian, Moonwater. A perfect contemplative and atmospheric companion for tonight’s journey through the dark. See you in the cosmos.

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