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New Year in Full Swing

Jacqueline Stuart | Feelers | 2020 | Graphite and watercolor on paper 11" X 11"
Jacqueline Stuart | Conjuring | 2020 | Graphite and watercolor on paper 13" X 13"

When I sat down to do a two-card spread on the last full moon of 2020 (December 29), my spirit guide, Hans, who ethereally moves my hand to select each card, eerily chose two full moon cards from the Moonology deck by Yasmin Boland. He first selected Full Moon in Aquarius (card 1 – What is before me?) followed by Full Moon in Taurus (card 2 – Where I am headed in the new year?).

Full Moon in Aquarius represents a time to stop being clingy and to let go of whatever circumstances are holding back one’s full potential. Ironically, I was distantly involved with an Aquarius man at the time—someone I needed to release—especially considering he had already set me free months ago (not that it was ever serious, and the potential for an Aries / Aquarius love match is complicated).

Full Moon in Taurus identifies the importance of becoming more practical in one’s life, as in making “to-do” lists and sticking to them. As a creative intuitive whose life is often tethered to numinous experiences brought forth by apparitions and artmaking, this was an important reminder of needing to ground myself to the physical plane.

A Lot on My Plate

A few days before the reading, the owner of The Witchcraft Way had found my Etsy shop and wanted me to contribute to the February W Box. In other words, I was commissioned to make 800 aromatherapeutic inhalers and needed to stay focused and organized! In addition to this, Spring semester of my doctoral program commenced today, as well as my part-time volunteer coordinating position at a nonprofit. Add to this, all of my responsibilities to Dreams and Shadowlands including creating new artwork and sacred witchy offerings, blogging, and of course, posting on social media (something I struggle to do consistently). The earthly practicality of Full Moon in Taurus is now in full swing. But in order to accomplish such grounding, I had to, as Full Moon in Aquarius suggested, let go of certain issues that were diverting my attention.

Embracing Change

The New Year brings with it an opportunity to reset ourselves for the better. For some of us it entails grounding and habit tracking. For others, it is about becoming more expressive and intuitive. Whatever path we are being guided toward, rest assured that it is the path you must take for the moment. Change can be a frightening experience, but when we trust in the sentient invisible guidance that each of us receives, we are always led in the right direction. The right direction does not always feel right, but challenge and growth are always a part of our journey.

Reflection Questions

  • What sort of personal and professional improvements are you looking to make for yourself in the New Year?

  • Have any synchronous events shown themselves to you recently?

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