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Setting Intentions to Manifest Our Dreams

Why Setting an Intention is Important

How does setting intentions manifest our dreams and goals? Moreover, what makes intentions a powerful aspect of our daily spiritual practice, and how do we benefit from them?

When we set an intention, we activate our receptivity to manifesting the life we want to live. Setting intentions offer an awareness of ambitions, ideals, and purpose. This keeps us present-centered as we focus on the things we want to accomplish. In other words, intentions help us to focus on where we want to go and what we want to achieve.

The Power of Words

When setting an intention for the day, say it out loud with conviction. Words, like our thoughts, have a vibrational frequency. Depending on whether we are positive or negative, the vibrations in our thoughts and words will come through as either discordant or harmonious. Similar to positive affirmations, setting good intentions lead to higher vibrational frequencies that will reward us in surprising ways. By vocalizing our intentions, we align our hearts and mind to create a meaningful direction in our day. Starting each morning with an intention helps us to stay grounded and focused on what we want to manifest.

The Role of the Universe

The universe replies in kind to our reactions. For instance, if we complain about how much we “hate” all the problems in our lives, the universe will hear our pleas and bring more challenges our way. Rather than tapping into hate, it is better to thank the universe for the challenges in our lives. This type of reframing delivers us into space of acceptance and gratitude, easing the anger and attachments to intense emotions that weigh us down. Being anchored to contentment and gratitude move us past our challenges faster than if we remain stuck in a constant state of resentment and anger.

Identifying Our Intentions

Keep intentions focused on physical, mental, and spiritual aspirations. Targeting this triad rather than just focusing on one particular area, helps us to stay balanced and focused on all aspects of ourselves. For example, we may set an intention to be in a space of tranquility throughout our day, while also setting an intention of obtaining our ideal job.

Creating powerful intentions begin with setting goals that are in sync with our life’s purpose and ambitions. An intention lacks strength if what we are looking to attain is not valuable or meaningful to us.

Using Crystals and Aromatherapy to Strengthen Intentions

Working with subtle energy found in crystals and essential oils can augment the power of our intentions. Each crystal and essential oil has a particular set of energetic attributes. These qualities align with specific intentions, thus strengthening the intention we wish to manifest in our lives. For instance, if we are looking to accomplish a creative project or looking to enhance our creativity, we may consider working with the energy found in Aventurine, Celestite, Carnelian, and Citrine. We may also want to diffuse essential oils such as Bergamot, Frankincense, Neroli, Jasmine and Rose Otto. This will additionally elevate the creative enhancements. The wonderful aspect of all crystals and essential oils is that they possess multiple healing properties and can thus activate a variety of intentions or be therapeutic in multiple ways.

Setting intentions to manifest our dreams

Steps to Setting an Intention

  1. Choose an intention that truly matters to you. Recognizing what values are important to you will not only help you find contentment but will also determine the actions you take. Write down several things that are meaningful to you (e.g., health, contentment, spirituality, tranquility, wisdom, patience). Writing helps to solidify the manifestation of these intentions. Writing can also offer a tangible record of setting your intention which can lead to a deeper focus on what you want to achieve.

  2. Reflect on the aspects of your life that need improvement. Think about how you can enhance your spirituality, health, relationships, career, social life, and community. Consider the goals you want to establish for each of these areas.

  3. Be thoughtful and precise. Setting intentions for what you are wanting to achieve should be specific. Set deadlines for achieving these goals and why they are important to you. Also, consider what may get in the way of achieving these goals.

  4. Keep it simple. If your goals are ambitious, such as getting a book published, break down the goal into smaller chunks. This makes it more attainable and easier to work with. It’s OK to set an intention to publish a book and keep returning to this goal, but it is also important to take smaller steps in achieving this kind of goal. You may set an intention to write 2 pages a day, which is more doable than setting an intention to write a 300-page book.

  5. Be patient with yourself. If you have only known negative self-talk for the last ten years, it may take you a while to relearn how to be loving toward yourself. Remember, you deserve wonderfully joyous things to manifest in your life. Part of the healing begins by being gentle with yourself and accepting the beautiful person that you are right now as you work toward manifesting your dreams. You can do this!

Focus on Gratitude

Intentions have the power to transform us. By actively bringing our awareness to what we want to manifest in our lives, we are setting the wheels in motion. Our thoughts and words have power. How many times have we manifested terrible days by giving into our negative energy? By doing this, we are manifesting exactly what we don’t want. This too is a type intention-setting, albeit unintentional. Focusing on gratitude can also catapult us out of manifesting negative things into our lives. What are you grateful for? Count your blessings first thing in the morning and before going to bed. You will be amazed at just how much lighter you feel when you focus on everything that is good in your life.

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