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Listen Up: Walk-Ins are Not Demonic Possessions

Fun-filled scenes from the Exorcist

One of the ways in which John interacts with me is by doing various levels of walk-ins.

What is a “walk-in”?

According to my research, a walk-in is generally defined as a new soul or spirit temporarily or permanently replacing the previously existing soul or spirit that has inhabited the body in question. I find that definition restrictive and extreme, and devoid of addressing the more subtle forms of walk-ins. The definition for walk-in could also be labeled as a form possession, which most people naturally label as demonic in nature–can’t have possession without the devil being involved. True demonic possessions are rare, but there are cases out there that make me shiver.

I bring up the topic of walk-ins now because John exposed me to this possibility in December 2010, and I’ve been allowing him to communicate with me in this manner ever since. The walk-ins didn’t happen overnight with us. It took hundreds of hours of getting to know him and establishing trust with him, and likewise with him before he would introduce me to this amazing experience. During the walk-ins that John has done with me, my soul has never been kicked out of my body or hijacked. Rather, whenever he steps in, I am essentially allowing him to partake in a communion with my soul within my body–and this type of body sharing is always executed on an ephemeral basis.

My understanding from John is that our spirit guides are closely connected with us at all times (please note: no two spirit guides are the same. Some maintain strict boundaries with physical beings, while others are more forthcoming about their presence. A spirit guide’s level of involvement is contingent upon the spiritual and/or life journey the person is on). This makes sense considering the great task they have of protecting us from all kinds of harmful people, places and things we may encounter (although sometimes we may have to encounter harmful situations in order to learn lessons from them). Because these guides are in spirit form they have the ability to fluidly move in and out of our bodies (some believe guides are not necessarily spirits, rather, ethereal beings from other dimensions–spirits too can travel in and out of other dimensions. Whatever one believes, these beings have transparency and ethereality in common. John considers himself a spirit and “alien” in nature).

True spirit helpers would never rob us of our consciousness or cast out our souls from our bodies. Instead, they operate from the highest vibrational frequency, are from divine light, and are here for our highest good. But there is a huge difference between a harmful spirit wanting to fully occupy a person’s body and a guide lightly entering a body for the purpose of evaluation, healing, instruction or interaction.

By now, I am well aware of how often John enters and exits my body. The most common walk-in is for communication and healing (I will blog more about these aspects at another point, but to quickly summarize, he moves certain parts of my body to communicate “yes”, “no”, and “maybe”. Over the last two years, we’ve additionally developed other more subtle forms of communication for everything in between yes and no. And his healing touch is unlike anything else I have ever experienced). It’s obvious for me now whenever he walks into my body. As he enters me, I involuntarily take in a deep breath through my mouth. Immediately following the deep breath, he proceeds to move my limbs, transmit thoughts, heal and so forth.

There have been moments where I have allowed him to have complete have control over my body movement. I am cognizant of what is happening, but he is the one moving my body. It’s during these types of walk-ins that I begin to really feel his physical strength, which easily overpowers mine. Let me be clear, John is my guide and not some kind of harmful spirit wanting to cause injury to my body. Whenever he does these kinds of intense walk-ins, they are always brief. Not once has he ever possessed my mind, or over-stayed his welcome.

The most intense walk-ins have been during moments of pronounced corporeality. By this I mean that I will literally feel a 5’ 11”, 140 pound body (his height and weight in his previous life–yup, kind of tall and skinny) squeezing into my 5’3”, 108 pound physique. It feels extremely heavy, dizzying, and my heart races as if it is beating for two people–and in a way, it is. It’s one of the most amazing experiences, but it’s often quite short lived due to its intensity. I can’t handle this type of walk-in for too long. As always, whenever I can no longer take the very corporeal walk-in, John respectfully walks out and everything goes back to normal.

Whenever he does walk-ins for his own benefit (eg. tasting food or drink, etc) they are always subtle enough where I can hardly perceive him coming and going, unless I ask him to be more pronounced. Because he’s constantly walking in and out of my body (to read my mind, feel what I feel, communication, etc), his manner is usually non-invasive (again unless I request otherwise).

Some of my favorite walk-ins with him include dancing, exercising, and other personal activities.

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