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He intoxicates her

Cupid and Tanith

Here is a terrible photograph of Cupid taking Tanith away into her daydreams of love, happiness and fulfillment. That Tanith sure is whimsical, just like the artist. I had a difficult time rendering Cupid’s face, and as you can tell from the illustration, he doesn’t resemble Johnny Depp. The reason for this could be that I have grown accustomed to rendering Brandt’s face and intuitively wanted to draw him instead. I attempted to fix Cupid’s face so that he would not look like Brandt, and he looks different now, but not as hot as wanted him to be. Brandt is 100 times more attractive than Cupid, and I’m sure Tanith would agree. Overall, I am pleased with the way this illustration has come out. Cupid is definitely a dark angel, and he also reminds me of a dark superhero. He wears his heart on his sleeve, just like the artist. This rendering is going to be digitally combined into illustration number 23, the first page of chapter 4. Actually, illustration number 23 will spread across two pages. I want the landscape to be vast and filled with people and things floating upwards or desiring to fly. The background is also completed, so now I am rendering the individual components that will go into the main illustration. Like all of the other illustrations, Cupid and Lena will be digitally enhanced. I will work on Cupid to make him more sexy.

It’s nearly 4 AM and I have a friend stopping by at 10:30 AM for coffee and a walk. I better get to sleep.

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