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Drumpf Pronounces Death to the Earth

Philly Streets | photograph | © 2002 Jacqueline Stuart
West Philly Streets | photograph | © 2002 Jacqueline Stuart

The fate of our planet has just been decided. I am ashamed more than never to be an American. But I will refrain from going off on the incompetent POTUS who is dismantling this country and the rest of the world. Instead, I will insert a few of the comments just posted on the New York Times over this terribly depressing news…

Allen Ny 4 minutes ago

The “voluntary” agreement would have been as [in] effective as the Kyoto Treaty before it–and twice as costly. Even supporters admit its impact would have been minimal insofar as climate change is concerned. Meanwhile, the US has through fracking and more efficiency reduced emissions more than most countries. This was always a political agreement,–and not one based on sound science.

Barbara R Montana 4 minutes ago

I’m sad to be an American. What else can one say in the face of this shirking of our global leadership and responsibility? Even great wealth will not protect the president’s grandchildren–or any of us–from what has been done today. All we can hope is for change in the next legislative election and certainly the presidential one.

S. D. Bonney Kansas City, Missouri 4 minutes ago

This is additional evidence that the Trump Administration is in league with and doing the bidding of Russia, which was the only major emitter of greenhouse gases that did not sign the Paris Accords. Russia may actually favor of Arctic melting because of the positive effects it would have for shipping through Russian ports on the Arctic Ocean.

Darren Muse LA 4 minutes ago

Elections have consequences. Thanks Bernie supporters who said “there’s no difference between Trump and Clinton.” Oh and thanks too to the apathetic and the ones who voted “for the TV guy because I hate Congress!”

We really stuck our foot in it.

Karen Chicago 4 minutes ago

I’m dumbfounded as to why climate change is seen as a partisan issue. Instead of the US taking charge in leading the world in environmentally conscious decisions, we keep reverting back to archaic ways of thinking/governing/policy-making.

Urania_C Anywhere. 4 minutes ago

Just listened to CNN clueless Sen Rand Paul talking absolute nonsense about climate change to Jake Taper. Where are all the academics to talk during CNN broadcasts on climate and carbon emissions?

All these arguments against the Paris Agreement work in favour of the oil industry and have very little to do with job creation for US voters. Literally unbelievable.

KathyPiercy Utah 4 minutes ago

We are well on our way to being the scourge of the free world, and with this decision, the planet. I feel for the generations behind me that will have to deal with the mess that is the Trump Administration’s legacy. I can take steps now, but the damage he is doing to our relationship with the world and to our environment will take years to undo. He needs to be replaced asap. The world’s well-being depends on it.

K Long Michigan 4 minutes ago

To people in other countries of the world:

Know that there are many people in the United States that stand with you and will be looking to your leadership to mitigate climate change in the years to come. We will work with states and industry to try to meet our pledge to the Paris accord, even as our federal government has chosen to abandon it. I am sorry for what we have done.

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