Reflections & Ruminations

Reflecting About Previous Sketches

Sewing Bra + Self Portrait Sketches | © 2004 Jacqueline Stuart from The Gray Journal | Graphite on paper

I have been re-investigating some old sketches that visually discuss internal and unconscious dialogue, conflict and narratives. These two sketches were photoshopped together, but only because I had originally scanned them separately. In actuality, these two sketches live side-by-side in my sketchbook.

On the left hand, we have a semi-self-portrait where I am partaking in sewing together a bra. When I look at this picture, it reminds me of two activities: driving a car and playing piano. It also negatively reminds me of domestic work being inherently connected to gender.

The black bra itself is symbolic of the other female obligation to her husband: sex and not just sex, but fantasy. The bra is symbolic of social constraint and illusive enhancement—the pushing up and tucking in of breasts into molded cups of the idealized.

The right image is also a self-portrait clad in a tight half tank top and underwear. I drew myself within myself several times, while including the facing page of Semi-Self-Portrait on a Sewing-Car-Piano Machine. Am I internalizing certain aspects of my life that are in discord with my principles? I have so many contradictions, namely the desire to be objectified and the urgency to escape it.

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