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Living with Ghosts
(and other reflections)

A Valkyrie’s Love Poem for the Trees

Unsplash photos digitally manipulated by Jacqueline Stuart
Unsplash photos digitally manipulated by Jacqueline Stuart

You call me home. Oh, eternal greenery, I am the defender of your silent kingdom. They have destroyed your beauty, your canopy that once enfolded me into your splendor.

I braid your needles into my hair. My fingers skim over your bark, your hardened trunk, cracked and carved. I coil my arms around your body that longs to dislodge itself from the soil.

I’ve grown tired of killing soldiers. I’m just one in a hectare of handmaidens, mechanized to slaughter.

Let me plant something into the ground that will outlive me.

Rise up kingdom of trees and take back the land that is rightfully yours!

This is a cause worth fighting.

I am your lover moving through your branches. You cradle me with your loving touch, a makeshift bed of fallen leaves in a forest that is awakening.