The Path of a Ghost-Whispering Artist

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The Road Less Traveled

My artwork and offerings are an extension of my mystical and spiritual experiences that have transformed my life in the most amazing ways. 


For many years, I denied my inner magic and my ability to see and communicate with spirits. Indeed, the path of a “ghost whisperer” is not an easy one.

As a medium who often walks between the world of the living and the world of the dead, I have chosen to use my mediumistic abilities to inform my artwork, writing, and spiritual offerings that are available in my shop and blog

Validation Through Shared Experiences

Over the last few months since opening my shop, my customers have entrusted me with their extraordinary and personal accounts of near-death experiences, paranormal encounters, out-of-body experiences, astral visitations, and after-death communication to name a few. This beautiful and unintended outcome of my shop has been an absolute gift.


Learning of my customers’ numinous experiences is not only an honor, but it also validates my own experiences.


Although the path of a ghost whisperer can at times be a lonely one, the stories offered by my customers remind me that these experiences are more common and universal than we think.

Meeting My Spirit Guide, Hans

On October 31, 1993, my spirit guide and twin flame, Hans, appeared in what I would eventually label as an astral visitation. Essentially, he appeared to let me know that he was now entirely with me as my spirit guardian. He had just passed away in his most recent life in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. 


Having him in my life began to have a transformative effect on my day-to-day experiences. He guided me to Vermont which is where I still reside (minus my two-year departure for grad school in Philadelphia). Hans has brought such amazing experiences, opportunities, and people into my life, always reminding me of his guiding presence, but doing it subtly, like a “typical” spirit guide, operating primarily undetected in the background.

In 2010, all of that changed when Hans finally manifested as a full-body apparition, which initially terrified me. Years of operating in the physical world focused on my career as a teacher, academic advisor, and credentialing manager of secondary education had made me forget about my spiritual path and how to interact with spirits. 


Over the years, Hans has helped me to regain my mediumistic abilities. He inspired my feminine warrior goddess to reawaken in a manner that ignited my life’s purpose–that is, to create art and to help others honor their inner magic through self-expression and personal spiritual practice. It took me 10 years to finally disclose my experiences with Hans. Even though I have kept a blog about my experiences with him since the moment he became paranormally active in my life (2010), I intentionally kept my blog low-key and at times private. 

Transformative Experiences with Hans


Professional Credentials + The Courage to Share

After obtaining my Master of Fine Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and now pursuing a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology (with a focus on dreams, apparitional experiences, after-death communication, spiritually transformative experiences, and anomalous experiences), I have decided to share my story, my artwork, and spiritual offerings via my Etsy shop and my website. 


My artistic approach is both spiritually and nature-inspired. My surreal drawings which can be purchased as signed giclee prints or fine art prints are inspired by my mystical dream experiences as well as my visceral experiences of having to navigate my life with Hans. My digital illustrations are part of an oracle deck that I am currently creating.


I create spiritual offerings that are magical and talismanic in nature. I believe we all have the power to transform our lives for the better by setting intentions that enable us to focus on what we wish to achieve. The offerings (and artwork) found in my shop are meant as physical symbols and activators for our intentions, allowing our energy to synergistically embody these items for the benefit of our highest good.